Thursday, December 4, 2014

Another No-So-Sunshiny Day

I awoke this morning to a strange ringing.  I wondered if maybe the ceiling fan was malfunctioning, but I soon realized it was my daughter's alarm clock.  She slept over at a friend's house whom she is dog sitting for and forgot to turn her alarm clock off.  So much for sleeping in today.

Let me give you an idea how inconsistent our weather has been.  I got up to get ready for my day, and I could hear the rainstorm going on outside.  This was not just a little rain; the wind was blowing and the water was pelting the window.  The bathroom was dark despite it being 7:30 am and our bathroom having a large glass block window.  By the time I went into the kitchen to make breakfast (and no, it doesn't take me THAT long to get ready), the sky was blue and there were puffy white clouds - the only sign of rain was the wet ground.  That's how it has been all week long.

I was glad the rain had stopped, because this is grocery week and I need to start planning menus for the next two weeks.  So I put a biscuit and hash brown in the toaster oven and left for our local Winn-Dixie.  I don't care for the traffic in the mornings, but the Charlie Brown Christmas CD playing in my car made the drive tolerable.  Winn-Dixie usually has good deals on meat, especially beef.  Alas, not today.  I don't understand how Florida, the second largest beef producing state (Texas of course is first) can have such ridiculous prices for meat.  C'mon guys!  Give a homemaker a break here!  Ground beef is at $3.99 a pound?!  No thanks.  Costco has it at $3.79/lb.  I'll just have to get it there.  I ended up getting a package of ground turkey for this incredibly delicious turkey and quinoa chili I made a week or so ago.  I made some adjustments to the original recipe, like adding sweet potato to it, and Oh My Word was it delicious!  My picky son E ate two bowls of it for lunch and had a healthy serving again for dinner.  Oh yeah, that recipe is a keeper!  I'll have to share it here in case anyone is interested.

When I got home I started up some spaghetti sauce in the crockpot.  I use a couple large cans of crushed tomatoes (28 oz), a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon each of basil and oregano, two large tablespoons of sofrito (a latin concoction made of onions, peppers, garlic and cilantro.  It's the base for most Puerto Rican cuisine), one small bay leaf, an additional minced clove of garlic (because you can never have enough garlic in a sauce), and salt and pepper to taste.  I put that on high for about 3 hours.  There is no jar sauce out there that compares.  I guarantee it.

We had breakfast and I was geared up for a busy school day.  After only 2 hours of school on Monday, and 5 hours each Tuesday and Wednesday, we were behind not only in 2 of his classes but his hours as well.  We started with music history; that took all of a half hour.  Then we went on to English, and the beginning of his thesis.  Surely that would take some time, right?  Nope.  An hour and he was done.  We got started on algebra, a lesson he'd listened to on Wednesday but hadn't understood.  That meant we would take a while working on it, going over all the steps until he got it.  Wrong again.  Once I showed him the first example he immediately knew what to do.  I actually dragged out the lesson as much as possible, going over the same examples to make sure he understood.  After lunch he took the quiz and got 100%.  And at that point was totally caught up with his work.  Thank goodness homeschool includes more than just the lessons he does online.  He can watch documentaries and they count as school work.  He watched a documentary on coyotes and another on whales.  Physical activity also counts as school, so a run in the park goes towards his PE requirement.  No wonder he likes homeschooling so much!

Two more packages arrived today.  I should get all my Christmas orders this week.  Last week Bare Escentuals had 5 days of special offers that I was following, since I love their makeup and I'm trying to get some more products but at the best possible price.  Sunday's kit was amazing:  a total of 13 items for $30.  It was what I'd been hoping for, since the previous day's sales were not interesting to me.  I wanted items I didn't already have, and that's what Sunday's deal gave me.  So I went ahead and ordered it, and quickly received a confirmation.  The next day my credit card was charged, and I was excited to find out when the order would ship.  This morning I noticed I still hadn't gotten a shipping notice, so I went online to check my account.  There was no open order.  There was no closed order.  There was no order whatsoever.  Hmm, that's not good.  So I emailed the company and asked if the order was still in the system.  Within a couple of hours I got my shipping notice: the order shipped today.  Now, it could very well be that there was a glitch in the system, and the order was supposed to ship today...or maybe my alert let them know the order hadn't gone out.  Only the company knows for sure.  But this is a clear reminder:  keep an eye out for orders placed with companies online.  They're human too.  Anyone can make a mistake, orders can fall between the cracks, and it's each person's responsibility to keep track of where their spending money/merchandise is going.

Lunch and dinner today was the same:  bow tie pasta and meatballs in a marinara sauce, along with crescent rolls.  I'm gonna watch a Christmas movie now.  I want to sit back, relax with a cup of candy cane tea, and enjoy a Christmas movie while the glow of the Christmas tree warms up the living room.  I love this time of year, and I'm so thankful that I can enjoy this with my family.  The greatest gift we have is Jesus, and I'm especially thankful for Him.  Goodnight folks :-)

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