Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Countdown Continues...4 More Days

It's the last Sunday before Christmas.  A day of worship, reflection, relaxation...well, maybe not that last one.

Since I gave myself a manicure last night I couldn't do my hair, so I woke up early to get that done.  Early meaning 7:30 am.  Which for me isn't early, since I'm usually up by 6:30 - 7:00.  But it's Sunday, and I haven't been feeling my best.  Truth is, I woke up at 6:30 but didn't get out of bed till 7:30.  I showered and washed my hair, then went to the kitchen to get breakfast done.  All Sunday school classes were cancelled, and there was gonna be one big class at 9:45 am, which meant I had plenty of time, I guessed.  I was feeling slow this morning, and I noticed I was coughing a lot, but not the kind of cough like when you have a cold.  Coughing like when you're short of breath.  I sat down to eat my Eggo waffle, wheat toast with apple butter, sausages and coffee, while I watched Shelbey's latest video.  When I was done it was already 8:30 am and I hadn't dried my hair, done my makeup or finished getting dressed.  I woke my youngest son up and went to finish getting ready.  The coughing and shortness of breath continued, till I knew I wasn't going to get very far without my inhaler.  I don't suffer from severe asthma, but whenever I get a cold I have to be careful because it will quickly develop into bronchitis.  After I use the inhaler I get the shakes, which meant I had to kind of wait a bit before I could go out and drive to church, so we didn't go to Sunday school.  I think it's better that way; no reason for me to be spreading my undesirable germs.

I decided that, even if I didn't feel my best, I should look my best, and festive as well.  I wore a white button down blouse with a gold colored shimmery tank underneath, and a bright red skirt.  The skirt and tank top matched my manicure :-).  I did my eye makeup using the Dazzle set that I got this week, and added a gold toned eye primer.  It turned out really nice!  When I got to church I saw that I wasn't the only one who had decided to dress for the holiday - at least 85% of the women had on red tops, skirts or dresses.  We looked like we were part of a performance!   We sang Christmas songs, then Pastor taught on Luke 2:8-11, on the angels announcing the birth of Christ.  He explained that the original Christmas message was one of "good tidings of great joy".  It had nothing to do with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, money, stress, family feuds, or any of the negativity that is so prominent in today's Christmas celebrations.  It was about having great joy because God sent the greatest gift of all, His Son Jesus.  It's not to say that giving gifts and having family meals is wrong; we have just misplaced our priority.  We were challenged to focus on the joy of the season this year, even with the few days before Christmas that are left.  It was such an inspiring sermon.  A great way to start Christmas week.

I was feeling a bit better by the time I got home.  Not great, but better.  Well enough to start my baking right after lunch.  Each year I give my neighbors baked goods for Christmas.  Whether it's cake or cookies, they know to expect something from me.  Problem is, I've started late this year because of homeschooling.  I meant to start right after my birthday; that was a week ago.  I decided my best bet to get everything done in a short amount of time would be cupcakes.  I use Duncan Hines cake mixes, and I can get 24 cupcakes from one package.  I would be able to get cupcakes to all my neighbors who have kids with just a couple of packages.  I went with confetti and devil's food flavors because kids love sprinkles and chocolate, and because the only frostings I have are vanilla with sprinkles and chocolate.  That made my choices a bit limited.

I also did laundry.  My oldest son is off today but he works the next three days, so I figured I'd get all his uniforms cleaned today and not have to think about it.  My daughter will be working at the church this week but not tutoring.  The tutoring school has the same schedule as public school, so when public school is out she is off, except in the summer when there's summer school.  She is so happy to have some time off!  My youngest son hasn't finished his PE assignment, but since it isn't really due until January 18, and he has so much of it done already, I'm not concerned.  I may have him do it next week if he's bored, or maybe the beginning of this week.  I'll play it by ear.  Thursday is Christmas and Saturday is his birthday so I can't bog him down with schoolwork on those days.  Goodness, what kind of mother would I be if I did?!

I remembered I had promised pictures of the products I'd received from Bare Escentuals.  So I got out my trusty Canon, set up my makeup, started taking pictures...and the battery on my camera died :P.  I did get a few pictures so I'll give a little recap of these items.  I probably will wait until my other order arrives and do the rest then.

This is my Delight and Dazzle set.  I didn't keep the box; I should have, at least till I'd taken the pictures, but I was trying to get the house cleaned up for the party and I didn't want stray boxes lying around.  On the right is the Delight set, with peach tones appropriate for daytime.  On the left is the Dazzle set with darker evening colors.  The Dazzle set eyeshadow is called Tantalize and it's a charcoal brown color.  I used it in the outer corner of my eye and it is really pretty.  I've used both sets and like both looks, though I think I'm partial to Dazzle.

The Pretty Wild set is stunning.  I think it's appropriate for both day or night, but probably nighttime more.  The box looks like a book.  When you open it up... has the makeup and a little tutorial.  The eyeshadows are both matte; one is lavender and the other is a mossy green shade.  You wouldn't think these colors would look good together but they absolutely do!  The blush is a highly pigmented pink - a little goes a long way.  The mascara is blue-black.  I have to be honest, I was not impressed with the mascara.  I don't know if it's the blue hue or if maybe the mascara is dry, but I didn't like the way it looked.  The lip gloss, on the other hand, is my favorite part of this set.  It's like a cranberry color that is so beautiful!  I kept this one in the box because the box is really cute.  I was also trying to show off my manicure - unique, huh?

The last kit I was able to get a picture of before the battery on my camera died was the Complexion Superstars.  This set is worth way more than the $22 I paid for it.

The box is silver on the outside and hot pink on the inside, but that's not what's important.  It's why everything is still in the box, because the box is pretty ;-).  What's great is what's inside.  There's a Warmth (bronzer) in medium, which for Warmth is a good size since you only need a little to get a fabulous color.  Then there's Golden Gate, a warm apricot blush which I haven't tried yet.  There's Clear Radiance, a pink highlighter/luminizer with a pink undertone.  Last there are 2 mineral veils, one original and one Illuminating which has some shimmer to it.  I already have the original mineral veil, which is a finishing powder, and since I love it I'm only too glad to have extra.  I tried the Illuminating mineral veil, and it gives a hint of luminosity, not anything overpowering which is good.  Of all the things in this set I think I like Warmth the best.  Oh, it also brings a mini flawless face brush; I already have one but these brushes are great so having an extra one is a bonus.  I use my other mini flawless face brush for under-eye concealing.  I feel like it works better than using a small concealer brush.  My concealer brush is great too, but for under my eyes I like a slightly larger brush.

Okay, back to cupcake delivery.  I was able to get 50 cupcakes from the two cake mixes.  I separated them by 8 per house which meant I'd have enough for 6 of my neighbors, and one cupcake each for my son E and my daughter.  I went to my usual neighbors who were thrilled to get baked goods.  Then we went to the house on the corner.  The folks there moved in this year.  I've seen the husband many times; he has done an incredible job fixing up the house.  The wife I've seen from afar a couple of times.  I told my kids I wanted to take cupcakes to them.  They were a little wary; after all, we don't really know them.  But like I told them, we didn't know our other neighbors at first either.  We had to make the effort to meet them.  The wife came to the door and was so surprised - she was expecting company and met with us instead!  The look on her face spoke volumes.  She was so grateful for us bringing a gift and wishing them Merry Christmas.  Like I told my kids, it used to be common and normal to visit new neighbors and welcome them into the neighborhood, but it doesn't happen as often anymore.  I'm glad God moved in my heart to bring them some Christmas cheer.

I'm gonna sleep well tonight knowing that I brought a smile to the faces of my neighbors.  I thank God for them; we are blessed to live in a great neighborhood with such nice people.  I'm also gonna fall asleep with the Frozen soundtrack running through my head thanks to my daughter ;-).  Good night ya'll.

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