Friday, January 30, 2015

Finally Friday

The end of the week is finally here, and you know what?  It's been a good week.  I'm glad I was alive to enjoy it :-).

I woke up with a puffy eye.  The stye was still there, still hurting, still causing me great annoyance.  I took a look at it when I got up, and it wasn't pretty.  There is a zit on the inner part of my lower lash line.  I gently pulled my bottom lid back to put medicine on it, and I could actually see it.  It's no wonder the dang thing hurts so much!  I put the medicine on after washing my face.  I'm not a huge fan of this ointment.  It's messy and makes my eye greasy and teary, but it also helps with the soreness, so on it goes.  I texted my best friend IV, who is a pharmacist, and asked if there was anything else I could put on it.  I was kind of hoping there was a new miracle drug that would instantly heal this thing, but she said no, it would go away on its own.  Great.  I have to admit, it isn't quite as sore as it was this morning, so maybe it's finally going away?  Let's hope so.

My son had algebra and Hope today.  That was it.  The Hope class was an hour long, but the math was a lesson with a video, and we dragged that one out.  I especially went over the difference between mean and median, and we did all the practice examples provided.  He got a 90% on today's quiz, much better than yesterday's 70%.  He got one question wrong, but when I went over it (figuring he'd done the math wrong or copied a number incorrectly), it was right.  At least, according to the way the teacher in the video had explained it, he'd done it correctly.  So I've emailed the teacher about it.  That's one thing I'm not liking about this curriculum: too many times, the computer has the wrong answer, and if we don't catch it he'll get a lower grade.  I'm waiting to hear from the teacher; after all, maybe we both misunderstood the procedure.  It doesn't seem likely, but I'll give the computer program the benefit of the doubt.

Today was grocery shopping day.  I spent 2 1/2 hours in 2 stores.  Walmart was so packed today, you'd think there was a giveaway!  I tried to get everything and get out of there quick, but it was almost impossible.  I was able to get everything on my list except for the pads for my microdermabrasion system that I got a few months ago.  I went to Costco to pick up a few items and to put gas in my car.  I had a quarter of a tank of gas in my car, but I figured I'd go ahead and fill up the tank since I was going to be at Costco anyway.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I filled up the tank with just $27.40!  Just a few months ago, this same amount of gas would have cost over $45!  Gas has gone from almost $4 a gallon to $2.03 today, and I'm doing the happy dance!  Praise Jesus!  I finished my grocery shopping under budget too, even after buying a couple of pizzas at Little Caesar's (I was too hungry and tired to cook).  That made it an exceptional shopping trip.

My son R had his friends over while I was shopping, and they managed to get the computer working.  Just as I'd suspected, there was something that should have been connected that wasn't, and some other minor thing that I didn't understand.  I think he was tired and frustrated, and that's why he couldn't figure out what he was doing wrong.  A couple more pairs of eyes and he's a happy camper.

My daughter and I went to Target so I could pick up my microdermabrasion pads.  I wanted to look around at the makeup, but she quickly reminded me that I have plenty of makeup and didn't need anymore.  (Kill joy).  I did find a nail polish in a neutral beige color; it's almost the color of my skin, a milky matte tone that will look really pretty and go with everything.  It was under $2 so she didn't make a fuss.  I wanted to find something to help my nails not be so brittle, but I like to take my time and she wanted to get something to eat.  I suppose it's for the best.  I saved money, after all.

That's pretty much it for today.  I have to figure out what my son is going to do tomorrow, since he still needs 2 more hours of school to finish off the week.  It's a pain sometimes, getting 25 hours of school in for the week when he finishes his work in less time, but it's a requirement, and it's worth it to have him at home.  He's happier, I'm happier, and that's what matters.  Have a pleasant night ya'll.  

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