Monday, January 12, 2015

Just Another Manic Monday

I'm usually glad when Mondays roll around, unlike most people.  I appreciate everyday that I wake up and I'm alive.  Unless there are semester finals.  I don't appreciate Mondays quite so much when finals are involved.

I got up later than I normally would (seems like I've been saying that a lot lately) because we went to bed after midnight.  A full day of activities, including concerts, can drain a body.  I made my son a bigger than usual breakfast because he didn't get to eat dinner last night.  We went out for lunch and he did eat, but in the excitement of the night he never mentioned being hungry (though if he was, he sat too far away from me to tell me so).  When we got home it was so late there was no way he was going to eat, so I knew he'd be hungry.  I got myself a bowl of cereal, then reached for my English muffins.  What did I find in the package, but a couple of bugs!  Eww!!  I was so mad - it was an unopened package and I had to throw it all away.  Ugh!  I'm gonna have to figure out if those bugs came from my pantry.  If so, I'm going on the warpath!

My son's schedule showed a full day of work:  an English quiz, Algebra final (in 3 parts), music history final, Hope final and an Algebra live lesson.  I was sure it was going to be as hectic as last week, and he was just as tired as I was, maybe even more so.  We didn't even get started with school till 10:30.  He went to do his Hope final, knowing full well he'd have to pause it at 11:00 for his algebra class, but I knew that wouldn't be a problem.  He got halfway through the test, then went on to his algebra review.  In the meantime, I folded 4 baskets of laundry, then made fried chicken tenders with stuffing and gravy, and corn.  After lunch he finished the exam.  He scored an 84% on his multiple choice; there are 2 short essays that still have to be graded.  I feel like he was distracted, because he has a 93% in that class.  I decided he should take a short break, then we'd review for his music history test.  We went through all his notes and read absolutely everything.  He got a 94% on that test, which I was pleased to see.  Three finals down, three to go!  His algebra teacher had sent an email saying the class was not to start on the algebra final till Wednesday after last review class, so the only thing left was English.  It was a vocabulary lesson with a quiz at the end.  He wasn't very excited about taking the quiz, especially when it was 18 questions long, but I told him it was best to just do it and finish for the day.  When he clicked on it, it said the teacher had dropped the assignment.  His school day was done, and he'd finished everything in 4 hours.  Seriously!  I told him to sit down and either read or watch a documentary; he chose option 2.  Honestly, we could have finished in the early afternoon, had he not started so late and dragged his feet throughout the day.  He's not getting off so easy tomorrow; there's a lot of studying to do for his science exam, and he's got 2 live lessons as well.

My son R was feeling a whole lot better today.  He took Robitussin last night and was able to get a good night's sleep, which he needed in order to recover his energy.  I was so glad, because if he didn't sound better today I was gonna have to send him to the doctor.  Can't be taking any chances with the flu season in full swing.

Speaking of seasons, our rainy season seems to have returned.  We got rain on and off today, though nowhere near what was forecast.  At least there were no thunderstorms.  Yesterday I did my hair, then got caught outside in all that rain and humidity.  I was able to seek cover, but the humidity still did a number on me.  My hair looks awful today.  It's like I haven't washed or styled it in a week.  So not fair.

There really isn't much else to report.  I'm gonna clean up the kitchen, take out some meat, then shower and watch some television.  Hopefully I'll get to bed early tonight and get caught up on my shuteye.  Have a blessed evening everyone.

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