Sunday, January 25, 2015

Simply Sunday

Today I did something I don't normally do.  Something completely out of character for me.  Today I went to church in pants.

I should clarify that I'm not against women wearing pants to church.  I don't believe that women wearing pants are any less spiritual than women in dresses or skirts.  I just prefer going to church in a dress.  It was ingrained in my head as a child that one should always look their absolute best when going to church because that's where you worship God, and God deserves our very best.  My best clothes are dresses and skirts; well, actually, most of my clothes are dresses and skirts.  I have a few capris that I wear around the house or to go exercise, and a couple of jeans that I wear when we go to concerts, but for the most part I wear dresses and skirts most everywhere.  Today, however, it was cold outside.  Fifty-two degrees with a cold breeze blowing.  I know, for the rest of the country that's summer weather, but when you've had temperatures in the upper 70's and low 80's and all of a sudden they drop down to the low 50's, you feel it.  When I let the dog out, I felt it for sure.  I'd looked through my clothes last night and had chosen a dress to wear, but I was not about to wear anything that didn't protect me from the cold.  Thankfully, I do have a couple pairs of dress pants left over from my work days.  These pants are probably 8 years old but they are my favorites.  A couple of years after I'd stopped working, I gave almost all my dress pants to Goodwill because they were sitting in my closet and never getting used.  Some didn't even fit me anymore, but most were just taking up space.  I kept two pairs of dress pants: a navy blue pair, and the ones I wore today.  They are a dark tan with a very light burgundy and gold pinstripe.  Both pants are neutrals, so I can wear them with anything, but most importantly, if I need to go somewhere dressy and it's cold out, I have something nice to wear.  I paired the pants with a brown long-sleeved button down shirt, and a beige argyle sweater over it.  I also wore a very, very old pair of brown pumps.  I've loved those shoes for years, but after wearing them today I realized I'd kept them way too long.  They were falling apart on the inside, making them extremely uncomfortable.  Once I got home, they went into the trash.  They weren't even good enough to donate.  It was a shame, since the rest of the outfit looked great.  Those shoes were a fail.

My makeup turned out so nice!  I decided to wear the new warm colors I'd gotten from Bare Minerals because they were neutrals, making them perfect for the outfit.  The colors were on point!  It was a very soft look, totally appropriate for daytime.  This could become my go to look for everyday.  It was that pretty.

Church service was absolutely beautiful.  Pastor spoke on the importance of prayer, then called up several people in our church who are sick, to anoint them with oil and pray over them.  One was a young girl who had been in my Awana group.  Today is her 13th birthday.  She has been battling leukemia since last summer.  The cancer is in remission, but she's still having to go through the treatment protocol.  She is doing her last chemo this month, then must go in for maintenance for several months.  We have been praying for her daily, and it was a joy to see her with her family in church today.  This child has been talking to her doctors, nurses, and other patients in the hospital about her faith and hope in Jesus.  She is such an inspiration!  We also prayed for one of the boy's Awana leaders who has terminal cancer.  This man loves The Lord and serves Him with such passion.  He is a great husband, wonderful father, devout's a privilege to pray for people like him.  There were many others that were prayed for, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was felt so strongly that I could not contain the tears.  When I think that this world holds over 7 billion people, yet God hears each and every one of our prayers, it fills my heart with such comfort and joy, that I cannot express it.  We serve an awesome God!

I started my study of Daniel for this week - chapter 2, the first 12 verses.  It's one of my favorite sections of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar's dream.  I've studied this before in church, but I'm really enjoying Beth Moore's breakdown.  She is such an incredible bible teacher!  Definitely my favorite Christian author.

Other than that, it's been a quiet sort of day.  I did a couple of loads of laundry; one is still in the dryer.  Tomorrow the new school semester starts up, so it'll be a busy day.  I am once again thankful that God has seen fit to allow me to homeschool my son.  I cannot thank Him enough for His unending love and grace.  God has been, and continues to be, so good to me.  How I wish the entire world would appreciate His goodness!

That's all for this installment of Life At My House ;-).  Have a blessed evening folks.

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