Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mid Week Recap

Is the week over yet?  No?  Ugh.  I was kinda hoping it would be.

Ever have one of those weeks?  Yeah, me too.

I've been battling this cold and congestion for several days now.  Tuesday I went in to work with absolutely no voice.  At all.  I didn't feel so poorly that I couldn't work, I just couldn't help answer the phones, which is a primary reason I'm there.  That made me feel a bit useless, but I made sure I got the filing cabinet in order (MM is so grateful for that) and made up some of the reading books for students.  Whatever I could do, I would do, and I felt appreciated for the effort.

My voice is slowly coming back, but not without this annoying cough, and now my nose is drippy.  What I want is a good night's sleep.  I took Benadryl last night and it did help, but of course my days are packed with activities and I don't get to slow down much.  Just yesterday we had school, then I went off to work for 3 hours, only to run home, change, eat something quick, and run off to Awana.  I love being busy - it beats being bored - but when you aren't feeling 100% (or even 80%) it's rough on the body.  I'm looking forward to (hopefully) getting some extra sleep this weekend.

Wait, what am I saying?!  I've got the garage to organize, meaning I'm planning on getting the storage cabinets and finishing that job up.  And to top it off, our clocks have to spring forward this weekend!  Yikes!  That means getting up a whole hour earlier for church!!  I hate Daylight Savings Time with a passion!

In other news, I placed an order with New York and Company for another couple pairs of pants and a pretty top I'd seen at the store.  I had some City Cash to spend ($30 worth) but no time to get to the store.  Thankfully I've tried on the clothes and I pretty much know my size.  Besides, if the clothes don't fit I can go to the store and exchange them.  If they do fit, I've avoided a trip to the mall.  Here's to hoping!

That's it so far.  My week has been a cycle of homeschooling and work, with a side order of I-feel-yucky.  Here's to praying for a better rest of the week, and God's provision which is always much needed.  Have a blessed day!

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