Monday, September 20, 2010

Move It Mondays

What a beautiful Monday morning! We had a lovely weekend, the humidity was low and there was a breeze blowing the entire time. It turns out that Hurricane Igor (which didn't come through our area, praise the Lord!) is the reason we have such great weather. Who would have thought! It's true, though: the hurricane is far enough off not to affect us with rain or winds, but close enough to deliver cool breezes. It's just what we've been needing after a very hot summer.

So this morning, I had cream of wheat, a banana, and coffee for breakfast. I took my son to school, wrote out my devotion for this morning's ladies group, and now I'm going to:

Fix my bed
Do floors
Fold one load of laundry
Put chicken in the oven

The house is pretty neat right now, so I don't have that much to do. I'm praying for my youngest son who seems to be coming down with a cold. He felt fine yesterday when his dad took him to see a Marlins baseball game, but felt lousy this morning going to school. I'm afraid he may have caught something in school or at the game. Hopefully he'll feel better soon.

Move it Mondays is hosted by Kristilea at In The Lord's Path. Have a wonderful and blessed Monday.


Kristi Lea said...

Praise God for the cooler weather! I bet that was just wonderful!

I do hope E gets feeling better and that it's not going to be a bad cold. Have a great Monday!

Shirley... said...

I'm glad that you had such a nice, cool weekend!

I hope that your son feels better soon. Being sick is no fun at all!

Have a wonderful week!