Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Ever feel just a wee bit guilty about what you're thankful for? I'm feeling like that today.

I'm thankful Hurricane Earl isn't coming anywhere near the Florida coastline. I don't want a powerful category 4 hurricane coming this way. When I saw it was veering away from us I was just so thankful to the Lord who keeps us safe from the storm.

Then I saw it heading towards North Carolina/Virginia, and I felt terrible. I don't want them to get hit either! I'm hoping and praying this hurricane will stay in the ocean and just fizzle out like so many before it. Won't you join me in praying for safety for the people in the Carolinas, Virginia and up the Eastern coast? That way I won't feel so bad about it missing us in Florida.

For more Thankful Thursdays, visit Iris at Grace Alone. Have a wonderful, thankful day.


Denise said...

Amen sis, praying with you. My nephew lives in north carolina.

Kristi Lea said...

I understand your guilt, but leave it at the Lord's feet! There is NOTHING wrong with you being thankful that your family will be safe! Especially, when you are praying for the saftey of others! I'm glad it turned as well, may it continue to, and stay in the waters!

Krista said...

Thankfully it's not headed in your direction! That's wonderful and somthing to be thankful for! But not good for folks in Carolinas, Virginia area. we will keep them in our prayers!

LAURIE said...

We are truly blessed, May God's watchful eye be over you! Happy TT!

Cindy said...

Thankful it isn't headed our way either but am definitely praying for the safety of others in its path.