Monday, December 20, 2010

Move It Mondays

It's the week of Christmas, and things go into high gear now! At this point I don't know where we're gonna have Christmas Eve dinner, but I do know I'm gonna be cooking it. We're going a little off the beaten path this year. I'll be making baked ziti and meatballs for Christmas Eve dinner, along with a turkey and stuffing. There's plenty to get ready, so my list for today looks like this:

*Grocery shopping
*Clean bathrooms

The countdown has started! Have a blessed week remembering the true meaning of the season: Christ is born!


Laryssa said...

Package mailed today. Hopefully you'll get it in time for Christmas. I've got my fingers crossed!!

Shirley said...

Have a wonderful week! Baked ziti with meatballs sounds so yummy!