Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's Up Wednesday

I figured today I'd give an update on stuff going on around the house. What better time than mid-week, right? Today's update is on Christmas.

I love Christmas. It's a special time of year and I want to enjoy every moment of it. I find that I can't do that if I'm in the stores trying to find a gift for someone or a last minute something or what's on know the drill. It takes the fun and joy out of Christmas for me.

How do I remedy this? I get my shopping done as early as possible. Most people can't believe I have about 90% of my shopping done by Thanksgiving. Anything I haven't managed to get by then I order online. It's so much easier and there's no crowd to contend with. Plus, I find things that might not be in the stores. The only hassle some people site is shipping charges, but I find most websites waive the shipping costs if you order over a certain amount. I love for their Free Super Saver shipping. Any order over $25 ships free for certain items, and I make sure those are the items I'm shopping for! The other option I like is Walmart's Site-to-Store. I place an order on and have it ship free to my local store. When I'm in there doing my regular shopping, I stop off at the Site-to-Store counter and pick up my order. No line, no waiting.

So here we are, December 8, and my shopping is done. I have some items that should be arriving this week ready to be wrapped, but the hard work is done. Now, on to baking!


Laryssa said...

I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth ... or maybe you were just so busy baking cookies for all the neighbors. How about trying those muffin pineapple upside down cakes? Those would be a great hit this year! They're kinda healthy since they have fruit, right??? ;) Do maraschino cherries count as fruit?

Kristi Lea said...


I love going into people's houses around Thanksgiving and Christmas..not only are they nicely decorated, but the smells are soooo yummy! Backing up all those Holiday goodies is a magical wonderland for the senses!

My kids love the stores around Christmas because so many of them smell like cinnamon!