Monday, February 18, 2013

Move It Mondays

Happy President's Day!  It's a day for super sales at the stores...oh yeah, and remembering our past presidents :P.  Let's face it, many of these holidays aren't true holidays at all, just excuses for the stores to get you to spend some money.  Plenty of people have no idea what today is, other than it's a day the kids get off from school and government workers get to stay home.

Okay, back to my reality here.  Let me mention the weather we've had for the last couple of days.  After 80+ degree weather all last week with heavy rain showers that started Thursday night, it's been in the 40's yesterday morning and today.  Forties!!  That's frigid cold in our neck of the woods.  We even have wind chill factors - in South Florida!  We should get into the upper 60's today.  That's perfect weather for oven cleaning, which I'll be doing later on when it's not as cold and I can open a window.

Another thing I have planned for today:  get a new television.  No, I'm not taking advantage of the President's Day sales.  I got my two Costco rebates which add up to $245.  Perfect timing, since our family room television has been giving us problems.  It's an old (almost 13 years old) set, a very large one that we got when we first moved into the house.  It still technically works, when it wants to.  It takes some coaxing to get it warmed up, and yesterday it went haywire for no reason (which it's done in the past), and I've known for some time that it's on its last leg.  With the rebate money I hope to get a 32" set for my bedroom, and move the 42" TV from my bedroom into the family room, since that set is really too big for the bedroom anyway.  Thankfully my son R is off from work today so he can help with the set up (read:  do all the setting up himself since I have no clue how to attach the Wii to anything).  The kids are excited; our old set has a pretty bad picture.  The colors are all faded and it doesn't look anything like the new HDTV's.  I can't wait to play Just Dance 4 on it ;).

My son has plenty of homework to keep him busy.  Yesterday he did math, science and reading.  Today he will finish math and work on a language arts project.  Mom is always here to help, so we'll see about getting that stuff taken care of.  We're having ground beef empanadas for lunch/dinner, to my kid's delight.  It'll be a busy, but hopefully productive day.  God bless, have a great President's Day!

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