Saturday, March 16, 2013

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun

Yeah, I know, it's Saturday, but I didn't get to do my Friday Fill-in post yesterday because I was busy out buying a GRILL!!!  That's right, folks.  My sister blessed me with the money to buy a grill so she wouldn't have to hear me whine about it anymore (which proves that whining does indeed work).  Thankfully Hilary at Feeling Beachie doesn't penalize me for being late :).

This week’s statements:
1. My first car was a _____
My first car was a gold Buick Regal.  1981 I think.  Don't quote me.

2. My___ is so ____
My life is so blessed.  Even when things don't go the way I think they should.

3. I would drop everything to _____
I would drop everything to go to a Casting Crowns concert - and I did!  My daughter won free tickets and we got to see them March 1.  It was totally amazing!

4. I never tell people I once.____
I never tell people I once wanted to be a singer.  I'm afraid they'll ask me to sing :P


Hilary said...

can you sing for me?

Rory Bore said...

I'm a day late too. better than never, right?

Casting Crowns are very good. I love that song Slow Fade. How was the concert?
did you sing along :)