Monday, March 4, 2013

Move It Mondays

It's 11:35 in the morning, and this is the first opportunity I get to sit down (other than eating breakfast).  It's been a busy and productive morning.  Feeling good about that!

First off, though, let me talk about the weekend and Casting Crowns!  Oh, the concert was amazing!  The drive was long but we got there in time to park up close to the venue.  It's an outdoor amphitheater in a park, with VIP seating in front of the stage or bring your own seating behind and around it.  Since my daughter won the tickets she and her friends were sure we would get preferred seating.  I wasn't convinced, so we brought some folding sports chairs.  Boy, am I glad we did!  We went to Will Call as instructed, gave our names and, lo and behold, we were not on the list.  That kind of scared me a little, since we'd driven an hour to get there and the cheapest seats were $30 each, which I didn't have.  Thankfully, they had someone check in the computer, and when my daughter was asked where she'd gotten the tickets it was sufficient.  We got stamped, but found out we were in general admission, meaning no chairs for us.  I'm not upset about it, though.  The VIP seats were nothing more than folding chairs - our chairs were more comfortable!  The only rough part of the evening was the weather - it was in the low 50's and windy, meaning it felt cold!  I had on jeans with a sweater and a top over it, my warm coat and a blanket and I was still shivering.  Even my daughter, who doesn't typically complain about cold weather, was tucking herself under a blanket.  Glad we thought to bring those too!

The concert started about 15 minutes late but lasted 2 hours with a 15 minute break in between.  What I really love about Casting Crowns is that it isn't just about the music.  It's a ministry, with the goal of bringing the Gospel message, and what an encouraging sight to see many come up to receive Christ as their personal Savior!  It was really inspiring.  The music was great too, don't get me wrong.  I cried during a couple of the songs, danced, sang my little heart out and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  But there's something about seeing people get saved that really makes the evening special.  I'm so thankful that my daughter and I got to experience that night together.

Next morning it was hard to get out of bed, thanks to 52 degrees outside and warm, cozy bed inside!  Service was amazing once again.  Pastor Matt is such a dynamic and passionate speaker.  Since he came in January to serve as our lead pastor, the church has been getting more and more packed.  I'm excited to see what kind of a turnout we get this Easter!

This morning was the coldest we've had all winter.  It was the first time I had to turn on the heat!  It was 43 degrees when I got up, and the wind made it feel like 41.  I don't care where you hail from, 41 degrees is cold!  It's 61 degrees now but it still feels chilly.  The windows are open so the house can air out.  I much prefer having days when I can open up the windows and let the cool air come in instead of having the a/c running all day long.

Since my daughter will be having her wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday, I decided to get her room cleaned up really good.  She's working at both her jobs today so she won't have a chance to do it.  I washed Molly's bedding, dusted the room from top to bottom, and mopped up her floors.  Then I moved on into my son's room.  I cleaned up the same in there but also helped my son get the desk a bit more organized.  Boys can be pretty messy if you let them :(.

I knew I'd be busy today, so last night I filled up the crock pot with the ingredients to make jambalaya.  All I had to do this morning was take it out of the fridge and turn it on.  I put the shrimp in a few minutes ago, and lunch should be ready in about 40 minutes.  The house smells so yummy!  And jambalaya is perfect for crisp, cool days like today.

I finished putting away 2 small loads of laundry, so after lunch I'll clean up the bathrooms, then see about getting the branches from the backyard into the trash can, since tomorrow is trash day.  It looks like it's gonna be a hectic week, so I'm thankful I have Monday to get myself in gear!  Have a blessed one!

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