Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Health-Wise Wednesdays

For starters, on a positive note, I've lost another .4 lbs. When I started on my healthy eating quest, I weighed 144 lbs. I'm now 135, so I've lost 9 lbs of unwanted fat while eating less sodium and fat. That's something to be thankful for.

On a negative note, I'm not feeling very healthy today, though it has nothing to do with my diet. My sinuses have been driving me crazy since last Friday. We had an awful fly infestation in the backyard - literally thousands of flies on our patio. I sprayed, put fly traps (they were filled in less than a week and were excessively disgusting), but to no avail. I told J I was convinced it came from the coconuts on the coconut palm which were going bad. He disagreed; he said coconuts don't go bad, they just dry up. Friday I went out with my son to throw away the fly traps because the stench was so bad I couldn't stand it. My son R helped me, and even though I put on gloves and a mask, I could feel my throat start to swell and get sore right after we'd finished getting the fly traps in the trash, just in time for the garbage truck to take them away. I was very upset that, even though the fly traps were working, there was still an enormous fly colony back there and we couldn't enjoy our backyard.

Sunday my mother-in-law came over. She wanted to go outside but J told her not to open the door or all the flies would get in the house. Then she looked up and said, "Son, why don't you take down those coconut palms? Can't you see the coconuts are rotten? They have mold on them." Aha! I was right! My hubby wasn't happy about it, though. He didn't want to have to cut down those coconut palms. He commented that yes, the palm trees had flies on them, but could it really be that his beloved trees were the cause of our flies? I gave him a better solution: cut down the coconuts and the branches that were drying up. He agreed, and took them down a couple days later. Now, the most flies I've counted out there is 5. Which is wonderful, considering there were about 5,000 before (not exaggerating).

Coming back to my sinus issues: since that day my sinuses have been inflamed and irritated. I figured it was just because it's allergy season, but last night I couldn't sleep, which meant J couldn't sleep either. He told me I have to call the doctor today. I must admit, I agree. While I haven't had any fever, I still think there may be an infection that needs taking care of. So, I'll give the doctor a call. Hopefully she can see me today, and provide us (hubby and me) with some relief. I'm praying for a healthier report later today.


Laryssa said...

Oh my God!!! Did it occur to you that you may have been bitten by these bugs and are ALLERGIC to them?? A friend of mine was spending a lot of time in her garden and suddenly started feeling really sick. Turns out, she had been bitten by a tick ... Yep, Lymes. She was lucky she went right to the doctor after a day of feeling yucky and is now doing better.

Hope you did go to the doctor!

Kristi Lea said...

I do hope you get in today, or have already. I think mine is finally going away without meds, but it was a long hard process. I pray you will get some help and get better!

Thank goodness for mother-in law's sometimes, huh?!

Arlene said...

Sis - let me clarify. When I say flies, I mean common house flies, which don't sting. They were in the coconuts trees because some of the coconuts had split, so they had a place to lay their eggs. They were disgusting, and flies do spread disease, but thankfully not Lyme.

Kristi - I was very thankful for my mother-in-law's observation!