Monday, May 6, 2013

Move It Mondays

Happy Monday!  It's been a busy day, as is usual for Mondays.  It's a good thing I get a whole weekend to rest up and prepare for it!

Today was grocery shopping day, which was necessary since there wasn't a whole lot of food in the cupboards.  I like shopping on Mondays because the stores aren't as crowded as the rest of the week, and definitely less crowded than the weekend.  I was able to get all my shopping done, got gas in the car and made it back home by 10:30am.  Gas was a bargain at $3.37/gallon.  :P

I'd made the week's menu for all days except today.  I figured I'd decide what to make based on what I purchased.  When I started putting the groceries away, I noticed a small package of ground beef my daughter had bought and the plastic had torn.  It was starting to get freezer burned.  My solution?  Hamburger Helper!  I could make it quickly, have lunch and start on my next task:  washing cars.

I got outside and started vacuuming my oldest son's car.  I managed to finish it but then I went back inside.  It was so hot out today!  It was 67 degrees this morning when I took my youngest son to school, but it was a sweltering 84 degrees with the sun blaring down on me.  There was no way I could stand being out there any longer.  I think I'll try again tomorrow or Wednesday morning while it's still cool out.

Other than that, it's been a nice, calm day.  I'm praying for some friends today that have requested prayer, and that has kind of kept me relaxed.  I know that seems hard to understand, but that's the power of prayer. It brings peace in the most difficult circumstances.  God brings us comfort in the worst storms.  I'm very thankful for that.

I'm gonna get the kitchen cleaned up, then get some rest after my busy day.  Have a blessed week!

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