Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Patrice is enjoying nice porch weather, so I'm gonna join her there.  Grab a nice cup of coffee, tea, or whatever pleases you, and join us at Everyday Ruralty.

1. Who do you look like in your family?
My mom would tell me I reminded her of her own mother when she was younger.  I favor my mom's side of the family, though I have my dad's dark hair and eyes.  I would have loved to have inherited my mother's aqua colored eyes.

2. Would you rather read a novel, a poem, a magazine, or a how-to book?
A novel, definitely.  I've never enjoyed poetry, even when I was a teenager.  The only magazine I read is the Costco Connection because it comes with my membership.  How-to books are okay, if they're like recipe books.

3. Is there anything in your future that seems challenging, daunting, or "larger than life"?
Life itself!  Actually, I've been seriously considering homeschooling my youngest son once high school rolls around.  The school he's in now is wonderful, but it only goes up to 8th grade.  The high school is iffy at best.  It's a relief school, meaning when other schools in the neighboring cities are too full the kids are bused there.  It has created a negative environment.  The other school near us is a charter school, but I haven't heard anything really positive about it.  Homeschooling is something I'm praying about.

4. Do you have any big projects for this season? (DIY/household/craft or sewing/home business/ whatever you consider a project)
I need to get the outside of the house painted.  We've lived here 12 years and have only painted once, about 6 years ago, so it's time.  The problem is all the rain.  We've gotten rain 3-4 days a week since the summer started, and it hasn't let up.  Until the rain dries up painting will have to wait.

5. Please finish this: It made me so happy to_________________.
It made me so happy to hear my daughter's news.  She is doing an internship at our old church, and they've offered her the opportunity to set up the entire children's worship ministry from the ground up.  She is so excited!  This is what she has wanted all along, to do some sort of worship ministry, and now she gets to implement it completely.  What a blessing from the Lord!

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