Friday, October 5, 2012

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun

After a day of running errands and running around, it's nice to sit down to some fun Friday Four Fill-Ins, courtesy of Hilary at Feeling Beachie.

1. I am very ___
I am very shy.  Though I've been working hard to try and be less of an introvert.

2. I am most comfy ___
I am most comfy in my home, on my recliner.

3. You will never believe what I saw on my way ___________.
You will never believe what I saw on my way to the mailbox a couple of years ago.  It was an unusually cold morning, and an iguana had come all the way to our neighborhood and was lying next to our mailbox!  Turns out since they're cold-blooded creatures and we'd gotten temps in the 30's that morning, it had conked out.  It revived once the sun came out and warmed up.

4. My mornings don’t start until _________ happens.
My mornings don't start until coffee consumption happens.  Y'all know what I'm talking about.


Mrs. O said...

It would've been cool if your #3 answer had been "you will never believe what I saw on the way to the fair". Then you could have continued with "I met 7 jugglers and a bear. Every juggler had 6 cats, every cat had 5 rats, every rat had 4 houses, every house had 3 mice, every mouse had 2 lice, every louse had a spouse. How many in all are going to the fair?" :D

Barb said...

Hi Arlene!

I love these fill-in's! I guess I don't know you other than blogging, but you seem very sweet, not shy!

I'm comfy in my home too - I really feel out of place anywhere else... :0)

An iguana! How big was it - don't they get huge! I would have been running for the house, I don't like lizards!

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I must have something hot to get me going! I drink lots of herbal tea!

Have a great week-end!


Hilary said...

I can't start my day without coffee either!