Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Welcome to the last day of October - I still can't believe it!  This month flew by, which is cool because now the best days of the year are approaching:  Thanksgiving and Halloween!  Okay, let's get with the program.  Here's my hodgepodge post, courtesy of Joyce, From This Side of the Pond.

1. What creeps you out?
Mice of all shapes and sizes.  There are other critters that are nasty and sort of creep me out, but none like rats.

2. What's your least favorite candy?
Licorice.  I don't know how anyone can enjoy that stuff.  Even coated with sugary candy, like Good and Plenty, doesn't make it taste any better.  Yuck.

3. Are you a fan of scary movies?  What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
Ugh, no!  I HATE scary movies.  The only way I watch a scary movie is if I didn't know it was scary in the first place.  That happened years ago with Carrie.  I didn't finish watching.  It was awful.  It also happened with Silence of the Lambs.  I'm forever traumatized because my husband didn't tell me what he was watching.

4. What part of life confuses you the most?
The dramatic part.  I dislike drama.  When I run into a person with a whole lot of drama in their life, I turn and run the other way.

5. Pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy...what's your favorite seed?
Seeds don't agree with me too much.  I like them, they just don't like me back.

6. Imagine your life ten years from today...what's changed?
My age ;)

7.  What do you a) love the most and b) like the least about the Hodgepodge?
I love the questions.  I don't care for the length of it.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Sandy reminds me of Katrina.  Years ago (2005) Hurricane Katrina blew through South Florida as a weak category 1 hurricane, barely caused a breeze, then went out into the Gulf.  It was over faster than we could prepare for it.  Then it gained massive strength and destroyed New Orleans.  Last week Hurricane Sandy skirted our shores and brought rain and wind, but nothing worse than a regular rainstorm.  It blew away, leaving the most beautiful weather we've had all year in its wake.  To everyone's shock and horror, it made its way up the coast and has caused destruction and damage throughout several Northeastern states.  In Florida we've learned to never underestimate a storm.  Assume they will always be worse than what the weatherman says.  If it isn't, consider yourself blessed.

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Nearly everyone has had the same answer about black is the WORST!