Friday, April 19, 2013

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun

Just yesterday I said I was gonna take a break from some of my blog hops.  Well, this isn't one of them!  I really enjoy this one because it makes me think.  Join Hilary and the gang at Feeling Beachie to see if you can undertake this challenge.

This week’s statements:
1. I hate __
I hate it when my perfectly laid out plans don't play out the way I want them to.

2. I used to love playing _____ as a kid
I used to love playing with my siblings as a kid.  I don't think I appreciated them nearly as much then as I do now.

3. Common sense says ______, but I tend to ____________
Common sense says that I'll feel better if I eat healthier, but I tend to crave the things that aren't so good for me.

4. Once, I was surprised to find myself __________________.
Once, I was surprised to find myself eating fried eel at a Japanese restaurant.  I was even more surprised at the fact that I liked it!


retired not tired said...

I like my not so healthy food as well.

Hilary said...

Yeah! I am so happy if you are slowing down on hops you are still playing along with this one...

Eel sounds so bad, but tastes so good!

Rory Bore said...

I felt the same way about alligator once. And shark. also crawfish.

honestly...eel may be the only thing I have not tried! LOL