Monday, April 22, 2013

Move It Mondays

It's a cloudy, slightly rainy Monday in South Florida.  It's been a cloudy, partly rainy weekend, too.  Our rainy season has started earlier than usual, which is fine because we had a very dry winter.  It makes the days kind of dreary, though, not what I need right now.  My kid's dad has been pretty annoying lately, and having days like these doesn't help.

I'm working on losing the extra pounds I've gained lately, and I'm doing better than I expected.  So far I've lost over 6 pounds and I'm back into the 140's, but there's plenty more that has to be lost.  I've cut out the chocolate (except for my breakfast cereal; I found chocolate Fiber One, and I couldn't pass that up!), and any other sweets I had craving.  I'm measuring my food and making sure I get plenty of water.  Already I'm feeling more energetic, which is a good sign.  I downloaded Runtastic onto my phone to help me count by steps and make sure I'm getting enough physical activity as well.  I'll admit I ate way too much pizza yesterday, but it was Sunday and we got Little Caesar's and I couldn't resist.  I paid for it later though; my stomach was not happy after several days of salads, fruits and veggies.  All the good stuff made my digestive system happy.  Cheese and pepperoni pizza?  Not so much.

I got up early and followed my usual morning routine:  get breakfast ready for my son E, pack his lunch, and have my own breakfast.  I've been eating cereal with almond milk so my breakfast is easy.  My son is 13 and growing like a weed; cereal won't cut it for him.  So I made him a scrambled egg, bacon and a hash brown patty.  I was surprised to find that he'd eaten the hash brown and a bite of his egg, but none of the bacon.  That is not like him!  He said his stomach felt a bit weird, but that has happened before when he has to get up early in the morning.  It usually settles, so I told him to get ready so we could leave.  As we were on our way to his school he mentioned again that his stomach was hurting a bit.  I thought it might be hunger, since he hadn't finished eating, or again the fact that he was up early after a weekend of sleeping in.  I told him he could call me if he felt bad enough to come home.  He saw his friend and ran to catch up with him, so I figured he was okay.

I was off to Winn-Dixie with my pedometer and shopping list on my phone.  I'm so thankful my kids got me the iPhone!  What a great gadget!  I finished at Winn-Dixie and headed out to Walmart.  Halfway through the store my phone rings; it's my son's school.  Sure enough, he felt worse.  Thankfully my daughter was able to pick him up so I didn't have to leave my groceries in Walmart to run and get him.  I then went to Costco to buy a large package of toilet paper.  The youth pastor at our church and his young family are going through some rough times financially, so the youth leaders decided to throw them a "pounding party".  I'd never heard of this, but what I understand is it's a party where you give gifts of needed items by the pound.  This package has 30 rolls of TP which is way more than a pound, but it's definitely a necessity, and one that has gotten ridiculously expensive.  I'm glad folks are willing to lend them a helping hand with diapers, wipes, (they have a toddler) and any other stuff.  I love seeing the body of Christ at work!

Once I got home and put away the groceries, I made kielbasa with onions, yellow rice with mixed veggies, fries and a salad for our lunch.  Now I'm off to clean the second bathroom which didn't get done this weekend, then hopefully I can relax awhile (yeah, right!).  One thing I need to start doing is looking for work.  Much as I enjoy being at home with my son, I realize I can't continue being dependent on someone who then thinks he has authority over me while living with his girlfriend.  It's such a complicated situation, but one that needs to be remedied.  I have faith the Lord will lead me to make the wise decisions.

Have a blessed Monday everyone!

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