Sunday, April 28, 2013

The New Addition to the Household

I've been wanting to post about this for the whole week - well, since Wednesday when they got delivered.  But let me give some background first.

We've been living in this house for the past 13 years.  It was brand spanking new when we moved in.  Through the years we've replaced bathroom tiles and cabinets, kitchen cabinets and appliances, floors, even the air conditioning unit.  For the past couple of years our washer and dryer have been barely working, though, and I'd told the Mister they needed replacing soon.  Since I didn't make a big huff about it (after all, we were supposed to be moving out of this house) the old washer and dryer stayed.

The past few months the machines really started quitting on me, especially the washer.  It was a top loader with the rotating mechanism in the center.  Or what was supposed to be a rotating mechanism, since it had stopped rotating years earlier.  The top half didn't rotate but the bottom did so the clothes got semi-washed. Now the bottom portion had also stopped rotating, so basically the clothes sat in soapy water, then the water got dumped, then it sat in rinse water, then the spin cycle which occasionally wouldn't work either and I'd have to repeat it.  Towels and a blouse of mine got ruined with fabric softener because of the clothing not being properly distributed.  The dryer wasn't doing a whole lot better; it was taking an hour or more to dry a basket of clothes.  Energy efficient they weren't.

Of course, the nice new energy efficient machines cost money, and I couldn't afford to get new ones or even get the old ones repaired (not that I thought it was worth it; they'd been repaired 3 times over the years already).  That is, until my income tax return arrived.  The time had come to replace the old machines.

Say, Goodbye Old Dryer.  You served me for a long time.

I said goodbye to the old washer too.  I'm so glad Home Depot not only delivers new appliances, but they take the old ones away for free.  I'd never had been able to get rid of those "antiques" any other way.

Speaking of which, Home Depot has an incredible sale going on till May 1st (no, they are not paying me to say this.  I just want to share the great deal I got).  These are the new washer and dryer now occupying the space of the old:

Aren't they gorgeous?!  But here's the deal:  Regular price for these LG washer and dryer is $999 each.  They were on sale for $886 each, but with an additional 10% off till May 1 I was able to get them for $798 each.  Still a chunk of change, but when you consider that I can wash in one load what used to take me 2 and 3 loads in my old washer, and that the clothes actually come out clean...the difference is noticeable.  Besides, my old washer and dryer's energy cost for the year ran into the $50+ each.  These beauties only cost $10 each for the year, AND the washer uses less water.  I'd say both of my new machines will pay for themselves in the long run.

And you want to know what else is great?  My kids are wanting to help with laundry now :-).  Can it get any better?!

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