Thursday, July 25, 2013

Observing My Senses

For Today, July 25, 2013...

I am seeing...what promises to be another blazing hot day.  The weather in St. Augustine was cooler because we were right on the bay.  Here we're more inland, and the heat has been unbearable!  The dew point is high, the humidity is higher, and our temps are in the low 90's which is not the norm for us.  Even in the summer our temperatures typically stay in the mid to upper 80's, though with the humidity it feels like 90.  Now our temps are in the 90's and it feels like we're in the 100's - praise God for air conditioning!

I am feeling...a little nostalgic as I go through the pictures of our trip.  Not only did we have a nice time learning about the history of our beloved state, the people in St. Augustine were wonderful, the pace was much slower, it was very relaxing and comfortable to be there.  I thought it was just me, but my daughter mentioned the same thing.  Even my son said he liked St. Augustine better than South Florida.  Of course he said it was because of the chocolate factory. ;-)

I am hearing...the smoke alarm beeping.  Time to get the batteries changed on the smoke alarms.  Hopefully I have 9 volts.  I always buy AA and AAA batteries in bulk because we use so many of them, but I only keep a couple of 9 volt batteries around.  I hope I didn't run out; this beeping is getting to be annoying.

I am breakfast of cereal, toast and coffee.  I ran out of English muffins but thankfully there's still wheat bread which I like very much.

I am smelling...a hash brown in the toaster oven.  We're also out of sausages, but there's plenty of bacon, and my family loves bacon.  I mean L-O-V-E-S.  There won't be any complaints if there's bacon on the plate.

It just takes a moment to observe your surroundings.  Won't you join me?

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