Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week, at our pastor's suggestion, we made up a Thankful poster and wrote different things we're thankful for. Let me share what we've got so far:

I Am Thankful...
1) For my family.
2) For my new haircut (that was me :)).
3) For free turkeys.
4) For the food.
5) That my sister comes home (that was E).
6) For Jesus Christ.
7) For medicine that takes away headaches :(
8) For E making the A-B Honor roll!
9) For E getting 3 awards: honor roll, perfect attendance, an citizenship.
10) For not being stick in a car anymore :P (that was my daughter -it was a long 4 hour drive home).

I hope you can take the time to express thankfulness too. It's so refreshing to the soul to see our blessings and give thanks for them! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Guiding Light said...

What a wonderful suggestion...and ones that you came up with! Blessings!