Saturday, November 6, 2010

Observing My Senses

For Today, November 6, 2010...

I am seeing...the most beautiful blue sky I think I've ever seen. It's just absolutely gorgeous!

I am feeling...nervous, excited, apprehensive, but I must rest in the Lord. Once I'm in His arms I'm at peace.

I am hearing...the wind blowing the palm trees around. The windows are open because we're in the low 60's today (yay!) and it cools off the house.

I am tasting...a Baby Ruth mini. I love chocolate!

I am smelling...the fresh air coming in the windows. Such a sweet aroma.

It just takes a moment to observe your surroundings. Won't you join me?

1 comment:

Shirley said...

I love chocolate, too. I had been able to resist the caramel hershey kisses until about 30 minutes ago. (We've had them for almost a week.) Yum!

Beautiful, blue skies, 60 degree weather, and blowing palm trees sounds so nice. I'm glad that you are enjoying it!