Friday, July 20, 2012

Five Question Friday

Happy Friday!  Actually I'm having trouble with this Friday because, for some reason, it feels like Saturday.  I hate that feeling!  I hope my mind adjusts soon.  How can I enjoy Friday if I totally skip it?!  Maybe doing my Five Question Friday post will help.  Today Mama M is away on vacation (good for her!) so Kate over at Kate's Life is hosting.  Hop on over and join in!

1} What do you call them- flip flops, sandals, thongs, or slippers?
In my neck of the woods, we call them flip-flops.

2} Are you a "my kids can do no wrong" kind of mom or a "Johnny punched you? Well what did you do to him first?!" kind of mom?
I love my kids, and I know what they are capable of, but I also know that kids are kids.  So I question and get as many details as possible before passing judgment.  I want to be fair, and that means none of the above statements would be right.

3} Would you confront a good friend that looked/looks down on your husband/significant other?
I would have trouble considering someone who looks down on my spouse a true friend.  It's one thing to ask if I'm okay or if my friend feels I'm being treated badly to show concern.  It's a whole other issue to look down on someone.  We are all equal in the eyes of God.

4} Biggest pet peeve?
People who are talking and every 2 minutes ask, "Know what I'm saying?" because if I didn't know what you were saying I'd say it.  And another thing, use proper grammar, would you? :P

5} What's your favorite take out meal?
Probably Little Caesar's pizza, because a pepperoni pizza costs $5, which means I can feed a crowd for little cash. :)

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