Friday, July 6, 2012

Follow Friday Four Fill-In

Ah, my Friday Four Fill-In!  The one that makes me think!  I missed this one last week too, since I was driving a good portion of the day.  Join me in this fun brain twister.  Head on over to Hilary's at Feeling Beachie.

1.       I ___ wear___
I rarely wear makeup during the week.  If I have to go somewhere important or meet someone I will, but otherwise I don't bother.

2.     I have had a lot of ___
I have had a lot of childhood memories recalled to me recently.  A friend invited me to join a Facebook group for people who grew up in the South Bronx.  Pictures of areas I frequented as a child have taken me back to a place I'd long forgotten.

3.     Public speaking makes me__________.
Public speaking makes me want to crawl under a rock and hide.  I hate speaking in front of people and have them looking at me.  Unless it's children.  I can get in front of a group of kids and speak just fine.  I guess in my mind they're less judgmental and more forgiving of mistakes.

4.     My car always has_______because_______.
My car always has to be clean because I'm a neat freak.  I don't like finding papers, or food containers, or anything else in my car that doesn't belong there.


Lucy said...

Oh, I love makeup, I wear it whether I leave the house or not LOL.
I am totally with you on Public Speaking!!!
Have a fun weekend :)

retired not tired said...

since I quit work I very seldom wear make-up except for special occasions

Yvonne said...

I rarely wear makeup. Just to go to work so I don't look too pale. I feel the same way about public speaking.

Hilary said...

I am the worst about cleaning my car (but at least I don't eat or drink in it)

jennifer @ what would jen do said...

i'm actually more afraid of speaking to kids that I am adults. It's because I don't understand children at all.

Wayne W Smith said...

I don't wear make up either- :-)

A great set of answers.

Susi said...

Will you come and clean my car? I try to keep up with it but unfortunately my children have other ideas!

Jennifer said...

Make room under that rock for me please? I dislike public speaking as well.
I grew up on Long Island and there was a Facebook group for that too and it brought back so many memories!