Thursday, July 12, 2012

Last Stop - The Boy's Room

The last room that got changed is the boy's room.  My sons have shared this room since we moved here; well, since E was 4 months old and he moved from our bedroom to the boy's room.  At that time R was 13 years old, so the bedroom was appropriate for the two of them.  Or, as appropriate as a bedroom can be for a 13 year old teenager and an infant.  I tried to make it boy-like for the two of them to enjoy.  Here is what I came up with:

The bed is a trundle bed.  We got this bed for them when E was 2 years old.  Our initial thought was to get bunkbeds for them, but when we went to the furniture store my toddler (who we call The Monkey for a reason) started climbing all the bunkbeds they had set up and jumping on the top bunk.  Yeah, we were sure bunks were out of the question.  A trundle bed was much safer :).

Here's the thing:  what was appropriate when R was 13 is no longer appropriate when he's 25.  Let's face it, he doesn't fit in a twin bed anymore.  And that's why I was glad when he moved to Central Florida and got grown-up furniture.  But with his sister moving back to South Florida, and his hours at the store getting cut, he couldn't afford to stay there on his own.  He asked about coming back home, and I immediately told him yes.  This is, and will always be, his home.  That meant, though, that the boy's room had to change into something that would be a good fit for a 25 year old, that afforded him privacy while being shared with a 12 year old.  This is how we've achieved that:

My son's bed is a queen size bed, identical to his sister's bed.  The twin bed with the trundle was taken apart and put in the garage for the time being.  On the wall where the small bed was we put his chest of drawers.  That was my daughter's idea; we didn't think it would fit, but when she suggested it we measured and found it would work.  Not only the chest, but the nightstand fit under the window just fine, too.  But there's more:

There's a narrow piece of wall next to the closet in their room.  For that space we'd gotten these shelves where the boys put their video games and movies, but they wouldn't fit with R's bed, so I moved them to the dining room.  However, once the bed came into the room, I realized there was still space for narrow storage, so I brought in this Ikea shelving unit that R had bought and had in his apartment.

His shelving unit is taller and fits all his collection of video games neatly and doesn't block anything.  I also like the fact that, since the bedroom furniture is a dark tone and the bedding is neutral, the blue walls work just fine with everything and I didn't have to repaint.

There is one piece of furniture that, unfortunately, doesn't match the rest but had to stay in the room.

The wall unit has all of E's clothes, school supplies and such, and there's just no other place in the house to put it.  The garage is filled with everything else that didn't fit in our house, and I don't want to sell it because at some point R will move on and E still needs a place to put his things.  Thankfully it still fits in the room, regardless if the color matches.  It looks good, and more importantly, my boys are happy with it.  Oh, and I'm happy too, because it's neat and orderly and that's how I like it!

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Mrs. O said...

I'm assuming E isn't sleeping there when R is because of the snoring. And on that, E.D. was a LOUD snorer and the ENT determined it was sinus allergies (which E.D. insisted it wasn't because he's never had allergies and wasn't sneezing or nasal-y). He's been on Nasonex for a few months now and no more snoring. I actually have to check on him at night to make sure he's breathing because he's so quiet. LOL And when he chooses, er, "forgets" to use it, the snoring comes back within a day.