Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Daughter's New Bedroom

There's been plenty of activity at our house the last few days.  With my kids moving back home from Central Florida, I've had to fit a 2 bedroom apartment into my 3 bedroom fully furnished house.  It's been a challenge, but with careful planning we've turned what began as a hoarder's paradise into a comfy home.

Let me start with my daughter's bedroom, since to me it's gotten the biggest transformation.  This is what her bedroom looked like just a month ago:

Her bedroom furniture was perfect - for a little girl.  Sadly, my baby girl has grown up, and the white furniture with blue walls (which were originally teal; they faded to baby blue) was not what a 22 year old college graduate longs to come home to.  So, the furniture was given away, and the changes began with paint.

I started by marking the window wall because she wanted something cool and different.  This took the longest time, because I measured over and over to make sure the line was straight.

Then we began painting.  The top half of the window wall, the wall to the left and the wall facing were all painted stone grey.  It's not very dark.  It's the neutral color needed to carry the accent color:

Deep purple!  The purple is on the bottom half of the window wall and the wall on the right.  It gives the room a very modern vibe which is what she was looking for.  I also touched up the baseboards, since they looked dingy next to the freshly painted walls.

This is the room now, with all the furniture set up:

Nice, huh?  Her bedding is black, grey and white, so the purple continues to be the dominating accent color, yet it doesn't overpower the room.  It's definitely what she wanted, a room fit for a twenty-something young lady.

More changes are forthcoming, stay tuned!

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I love the rooms great job I also love your writings so I have another gift for you come by and pick up the Liebster award ok??