Thursday, July 5, 2012

Next Stop - The Dining Room

This should have been our first stop, since it's the room that got its "makeover" first.  The dining room is typically sparse, just the dining room table and china cabinet...well, take a look:

Granted, these are not the most recent pictures.  The walls were painted, and the chandelier got updated, but the basic idea is there - not a whole lot of furniture.

At the time I kept my scrapbooking supplies in the dining room because that's where I would do my scrapbooking.  I got tired of seeing it there, though, and since the organization unit has wheels, I decided to put it in a closet and take it out when I wanted to use it.  That meant even less clutter, which made me happy.

So you get the idea, right?  Simple, clean, uncluttered.  The fact that there was little furniture in there made it the perfect place for storage, but I still had to keep it as uncluttered as possible, just for the sake of my sanity ;).  Here are the results:

Since I had to empty out the boy's room of extra stuff so R's furniture could fit, it meant taking the shelves with the video games out.  I put one on either side of the china cabinet, filled on with E's video games and R filled the other with his movies.

This table was in the living room, but I needed space to put R's television and gaming equipment.  Thankfully this table is the same wood tone as the dining room table, so it works nicely.  What I'm glad about most is that, although I've added furniture to the dining room, it was kept to a few pieces so it doesn't look overdone.  There's still space to move around, and we can use the table for meals or board games.

One more room to go, stay tuned!

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Kristi Lea said...

Aweosome!!! It actually looks like people live there! :P